Steve King and Johnnie Putman are here for another fully-packed show before taking a weekend off! Their first special guest, Joan Hallagan, is talking about Will’s Place, a special place close to her, Steve and Johnnie that will be opening on July 8th at 7927 Lincoln Ave in Skokie, Il. Then David Larzelere and Jay Peterson, Producers of “Downey’s Dream Cars”, join the program to chat about Robert Downey Jr.’s new series centered around turning old gas guzzlers into electric supercars. Duane Scott Cerny, Co-Owner of Chicago’s oldest and largest antique store, Broadway Antique Market and author of “Selling Dead People’s Things” and “Vintage Confidential”, comes into the studio to talk about his books and his history in antique collections and house music Later, show regular Patrick Crispen, technology guru & Director of Educational Technology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, is on the show to look at the latest in the social media world with new platforms and all sorts of tech-related drama.