The midnight hour is close at hand, Steve King and Johnnie Putman come to you from Panama City Beach in Florida lands. It is a show full of spooky spirit and tales of those we mourn, along with modern tech horrors and music to make you feel reborn. Mike Marschalk, formerly with Novak Construction, shares the story of Novak Construction’s festive displays for all to see on the darkened highways. We then take a trip back in time with the late Richard Crowe and his iconic story of the Resurrection Mary many Chicagoans know. Jessica Radloff, senior West Coast editor from Glamour Magazine, with a heavy heart she carries, tells us stories following the passing of Matthew Perry. Patrick Crispen continues his password safety seminar to put your heart at ease and we learn that Twitter/X competitor Pebble is gone with the breeze. Eli Ingram and Sandi MarLisa are in-studio as Jack and Gin, a Florida musical duo, to perform their new album The Salty South and close out the show.

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