Steve King and Johnnie Putman bring you a packed show full of travel talk, musical musings and celebrities that make us swoon. Our first guest, Chris Smith, Chief Meteorologist for WJHG in Panama City Beach, Florida talks about the possible tropical storm due to hit Florida, in hopes that our hosts’ southern home will still be standing. We are then joined by CBS Travel Reporter and host of WGN Radio’s Eye On Travel Peter Greenberg, to discuss passport problems, an economic look at what may be ahead for a wounded Hawaii, and key information to keep you protected with airlines. He is followed by Joel Paterson, an extremely talented Chicago musician to grace the airwaves with his masterful guitar playing and news of his brand new album, “Wheelhouse Rag.” Lastly, the show’s resident automotive expert and Publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive, Tom Appel gives us our regular auto updates, a sneak peek at the next Car Stuff Podcast and he sends us down a musical rabbit hole with ‘Tom’s Tunes’!

Steve and Johnnie

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