YCharts Market Watch: Quibi| Startup Showcase: Wearwell

Startup Showcase

Co-Founder of wearwell, Erin Huston

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On the show, Scott kicks off the Startup Showcase by talking about media and how the way we consume media has forever been changed due to COVID-19. Listen as Scott tells listeners about the new streaming app Quibi taking the streaming medium by storm.

Then on the Startup Showcase portion of the show, Scott talks with the Co-Founder of wearwell, Erin Huston. After realizing how time consuming and challenging it is to shop for clothing that pays garment workers fairly and uses environmentally sustainable materials, wearwell’s founders decided there had to be a better way. So, they started reading up on the issues, took the plunge into entrepreneurship, and set out to build a company that would change the way that people shop.

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