Startup Showcase Full Show 11/3/18: Scott talks with 12 Year Old CEO of Quarters and Todd Unger

Startup Showcase

Picture L-R: Scott Kitun and Todd Unger

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Back after a month off from Northwester Football, Scott Kitun starts off the show with the startup showcase and chats with the father and son co-founders CEO  and CTO of Quarters, George and Michael Weiksner. Quarters are the universal virtual currency for gaming and can be used across different video games and platforms. Both George and Michael talk about how Quarters all came about and how people can get involved and use the Quarters in their gaming worlds themselves, To invest in Quarters click here.

Next on the show, Scott Kitun is joined in studio the Chief experience officer for the American Medical Association, Todd Unger. Scott and Todd discuss the modernization of old industries and how Todd got to where he is today in the digital era.


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