Silicon Valley, Robinhood, and the ‘Average Joe’ Investor | Startup Showcase: It’s By U

Startup Showcase

It’s By U DIY Floral Kit

Scott Kitun and Producer Ashley Bihun kick off the show by discussing what it’s like for the “Average Joe” human being get into the investment world and what is the best way to learn before actually putting any real money into the markets. That way is with an app called TopstepTrader. TopstepTrader is a financial technology firm based in Chicago, IL that evaluates day traders’ performance in real-time simulated accounts.

On the Startup Showcase, Scott talks with the Co- founder and CEO of It’s By U, Caroline Strzalka. At It’s By U, they make it easy to create stunning floral arrangements with simple DIY kits. There’s something truly special about crafting the perfect arrangement with your own two hands — and you don’t have to be a pro to do it!

To invest in It’s By U click here!

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