Featured Guests: Chris D’Cruz & Paula Fontana of Nubundle | Startup Showcase: Jumpstart

Startup Showcase

Scott Kitun gives you 5 good minutes.

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On the show, Scott kicks off the show by talking with our featured guests Chris D’Cruz & Paula Fontana who are the Co-Founder and VP of Operations of Nubundle. Nubundle redefines employers’ relationships with the family through benefits by providing access to family planning and fertility services. They offer an experienced concierge network of family planning and fertility experts, affordable fertility services, and just in time insurance – all as a pass-through employee benefit.

On the latter half of the show, Scott kicks off the Startup Showcase by talking with the Founder and CEO of Jumpstart, Kate Stillwell. Jumpstart provides consumers a financial jumpstart after a natural disaster. It’s a new type of insurance called “parametric” that pays a lump-sum right away, and Jumpstart is one of the first to bring parametric insurance for consumers. Jumpstart launched last year for earthquakes in California and they have plans to expand to other natural disasters throughout the US.

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