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On the show Scott is joined in studio with our featured guest, the CMO of Freshly, Mayur Gupta. Mayur Gupta is the former Global VP for Growth & Marketing at Spotify. He is responsible for growing the free and subscribed user base for the company with growth hacking and data-driven, always-on experiences; testing new growth strategies, business models and partnerships.Freshly simplifies the path to healthy eating and achieving fitness goals by serving as both your “personal chef and nutritionist”​. To learn more about Freshly go to

On the latter half of the show, Scott kicks off the Startup Showcase by talking with CEO of Up Sonder, Derek Waleko. Up Sonder is a marketplace of FAA-certified drone pilots across the United States with over 200,000 hours of flight experience handling drone projects for the oil & gas, construction, real estate, and agriculture industries. Next on the show Scott is joined with CEO of The Phluid Project, Rob Smith. The Phluid Project is the world’s first gender-free store and community space, offering a unique shopping experience honoring what is regarded to be the future of retail.

To invest in Up Sonder click here and to invest in The Phluid Project click here.

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