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On the show, Scott kicks off the show by talking with our featured guest Todd Caponi who is the Managing Director of VentureSCALE. Todd Caponi is author of the award winning book, The Transparency Sale, a speaker & workshop leader as Principal of Sales Melon LLC, and Managing Director of Chicago’s VentureSCALE. Powered by Sales Assembly, VentureSCALE is the first & only Growth Accelerator for early-stage, venture backed B2B technology companies. Their program helps companies to learn about, develop and implement the most important aspects pertaining to sales…resulting in the foundation for scale-able, sustainable and predictable revenue growth.

On the latter half of the show, Scott kicks off the Startup Showcase by talking with CEO of Nanno, Liz Oertle. If you’re a parent (or have friends who are parents), you know that finding a sitter is never fun – and when it’s short notice or you’re traveling, it’s usually impossible. Nanno is an on-demand childcare platform that lets busy parents book high-quality, fully vetted caregivers using a familiar on-demand interface. Launched in Denver, Colorado, Nanno now has sitters in 45 states and most metro areas and is growing quickly.

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