Featured Co-host: Baby Vivian Rose Kitun | Startup Showcase: Delee & Youcanevent

Startup Showcase

Baby Viv Rose and host Scott Kitun

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On the show today Scott is then joined with his 6 month old daughter Baby Vivian Rose Kitun!

On the startup showcase, Scott kicks it off by talking with the the CEO of Delee, Liza Velarde. At Delee, they are a high technology company that specializes in biotech and medical device automation. They have 2 branches: micro-fluidics instrumentation platform, and our oncology line.In our micro-fluidics instrumentation platform, and they design high precision tools to make your research with micro-fluidics easier and replicate. Next Scott chats with the CEO and Co-Founder of Youcanevent, Antonio Trincao. Youcanevent started in February 2015 and since hundreds of events were made on the platform. Brands like Microsoft, Primark, Mary Kay, Pipedrive and many more used Youcanevent.com to find the vendors and event planners for their events. Youcanevent is an online marketplace where brands can book vendors and event planners when organizing an event.

To invest in Delee click here. To invest in Youcanevent click here.

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