Watch: Tom Brady throws Lombardi Trophy across river during Super Bowl parade

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TAMPA (WFLA) — Tom Brady made perhaps the riskiest completion of his storied career during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl victory boat parade on Wednesday.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback threw the Lombardi Trophy about ten yards across the Hillsborough River Wednesday. Seriously.

Perhaps only the NFL G.O.A.T could get away with this risking the league’s prized trophy in such a way. Brady was captured on video throwing NFL championship Trophy — which his team earned in a 31-9 dismantling of the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday — across the river to another boat, full of Buccaneers receivers.

On the receiving end of the pass appeared to be tight end Cameron Brate, who made three catches during Sunday’s Super Bowl LV win.

The Buccaneers later confirmed to Nexstar’s WFLA that the trophy Brady threw was not a replica, but it was the actual Lombardi Trophy.

Below is another angle captured by WFLA’s helicopter.

Brady is no stranger to handling the trophy. He’s now won the Super Bowl seven times, more than any franchise in NFL history.

*First video provided by Whitney Holtzman

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