Questionable play calling and a crucial missed field goal were among the reasons for Clemson’s collapse in Death Valley on Saturday as the Tigers fell to fourth-ranked Florida State, 31–24 in overtime. 

The Tigers never trailed in regulation but faltered late in the game, as a 29-yard field goal attempt by kicker Jonathan Weitz sailed wide left with just over a minute to play in regulation.

Clemson’s botched time management leading up to the missed field goal, followed by curious play calling in overtime were partly to blame for the loss, giving the fans in attendance at Clemson plenty to be upset about despite a valiant effort in the near-upset.

One horrified Clemson fan, who was clearly in disbelief after the missed field goal, went viral after ABC’s cameras caught her priceless expression.

Add her reaction to the list of classic screengrabs in college football history. This Clemson fan undoubtedly has become an internet meme.