Prior to Brazil and Argentina’s World Cup Qualification match on Tuesday night, chaos erupted in the stands at Maracaña in Rio de Janeiro, causing kickoff to be delayed by nearly 30 minutes.

A violent altercation broke out and quickly escalated in one section of the stadium among rival fans, prompting intervention from the stadium’s security as well as local police. 

The incident led to Lionel Messi and the Argentina squad walking off the pitch just moments before the scheduled kickoff time.

Members of the Argentinian squad, including Messi, could be seen approaching the area of commotion, even jumping a barrier in order to get closer to the section. 

At one point, goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez could be seen climbing into the stands and making contact with security. 

Messi then proceeded to lead the Argentina team off the pitch and into the tunnel. The Brazil squad remained on the field.

Eventually, the Argentinian side returned to the field and kickoff was able to get underway at around 7:55 p.m. EST.