The NBA has launched an investigation into referee Eric Lewis over the potential use of a burner Twitter account, NBA writer Marc Stein reported Friday. The account in question has posted many times in defense of both Lewis and referees in general, prompting the league to take a closer look at the situation and sending the rest of the basketball world into disarray.

LeBron James was one of the first major figures to weigh in on the matter, taking to Twitter on Saturday to question just exactly what was going on with the investigation. The Lakers star wasn’t the only one as NBA Twitter had a field day with the rumors of a burner account belonging to one of the league’s officials.

With an investigation now underway, social media was in hysterics. Clearly, fans were upset over the discovery of the burner account, but that didn’t prevent them from firing off a deluge of jokes at the official’s expense. 

In the past, a burner account belonging to former 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo caused quite the stir within the league. Now, an account connected to Lewis is firmly in the league’s crosshairs.