Sergio Romo won three World Series titles during his time with the Giants and became a hero in the city during those championship runs. 

The reliever is retiring from the game, but before he does that, the Giants had him come back to pitch in one last exhibition game Monday night against the A’s at Oracle Park. It was a special night for Romo and the fans in San Francisco as they all got to say one last goodbye to each other. 

Romo came in to pitch in the seventh inning and his outing quickly took an awkward turn as he was called for a pitch clock violation before throwing his first pitch:

The new rules wait for nobody! 

But seriously, that’s a pretty rough way to be greeted after receiving a long ovation from the fans. 

Romo’s night came to an end shortly after that when former teammate Hunter Pence made a trip to the mound: 

That was a fun night in the Bay—if only the pitch clock could have malfunctioned a bit at the start of Romo’s outing.