Christian McCaffrey admitted he’s still a little too “bitter” about the 49ersNFC championship game loss to the Eagles to give a Super Bowl LVII prediction.

In his ideal world, neither team would win Sunday’s game.

“I hope they both lose,” McCaffrey told Sports Illustrated’s Lacey Jane Brown during an interview on Radio Row in Arizona on Tuesday. “I don’t have a prediction. Well, we just lost in the NFC championship to the Eagles, so that’s probably why.”

The 49ers were one game away from making the Super Bowl this year, which would have marked a rematch of Super Bowl LIV in February 2020, when the Chiefs beat the 49ers.

Because the 49ers were so close to reaching this year’s Big Game, McCaffrey admitted this year’s matchup will be tough for him and his teammates to watch. He might not even tune in, he said.

“When you lose, and always watching Super Bowls, they’re tougher for us because you obviously wish you were there,” McCaffrey said. “I don’t even know if I’ll watch the game yet. It’s still a little too soon. All of us are bitter, ready for next year to try to get a little bit of redemption.”