The score line says one thing, but sometimes the result says another. Digging into Week 12’s notable results, we here at Sports Illustrated are determined to find the answer to the question: Which team does the final score say more about?

Georgia 38, Tennessee 10 says more about: Georgia

Besides the first play of the matchup, the Dawgs played a pretty flawless game on defense. But where they absolutely shined was on offense. There’s no two ways about it at this point, Georgia’s offense is the reason they’re winning like they are right now. Carson Beck is an additive to winning and the fact that they are able to get multiple weapons involved showed how varied this offense is, and how Georgia is playing its best football at the right time this season.

Georgia looks to remain undefeated as it faces Georgia Tech on Saturday.

Randy Sartin/USA TODAY Sports

Michigan 31, Maryland 24 says more about: Michigan

We knew we were going to find something out in this two-game, pre-Ohio State stretch for Michigan and what we’ve found is that the Wolverine’s passing game is not exactly built for success. They haven’t needed it to win. That might change on Saturday.

Washington 22, Oregon State 20 says more about: Washington

The Huskies keep stacking wins despite severely adverse conditions. There was a torrential downpour all night, the deep passes weren’t hitting, and Washington still survived. For a team with Playoff aspirations, it was not just a huge win for the reason you’re thinking, it was massive for the fact that they can win in unfavorable conditions. If they beat Washington State on Saturday, it’s likely the last time they’ll face bad weather.

Arizona 42, Utah 18 says more about: Arizona

The Wildcats don’t need that much to get into the Pac-12 championship game (you read that right). All they need is to win Saturday plus an Oregon loss. What an incredible turnaround for the program.

South Carolina 17, Kentucky 14 says more about: South Carolina

It doesn’t matter how good the Gamecocks are, their fans are noteworthy for always showing up and bringing the energy throughout the decades. You could say they did that Saturday night: 

New Mexico State 31, Auburn 10 says more about: New Mexico State

What a season Jerry Kill and the Aggies have had. Diego Pavia is a fantastic example of the quintessential college quarterback and the Aggies marched into Auburn, Ala., and left with the dub. Fantastic work for the massive underdog.

UCLA 38, USC 20 / Clemson 31, UNC 20 says more about: Being a complete team

Two of the best QB prospects we’ve seen in at least a decade, if not much longer, will likely leave their respective colleges with basically nothing in the way of team accolades. Each won division titles last year. But that’s the closest either Drake Maye or Caleb Williams came to team glory. Yes, Williams won the Heisman, but even he would trade that for a national title if you asked him. It’s a cruel reality of the sport, but it’s a shame we didn’t see these guys compete on better teams or the grandest stages.