(WSYR-TV)- Mike Hart, the running back head coach of the Michigan Wolverines was carted off the field after collapsing during Saturday’s game.

Hart reportedly fell to the ground during the first quarter of the game. Officiates stopped the game at this time, prompting medics to come to the Michigan sideline and loading him onto the medic cart.

According to Si.com, as Hart was carted off the field he gave a thumbs-up to the fans, signifying that he was still responsive and alert.

At this time the University of Michigan has not released any further statements on the situation or the status of Hart.

Hart is a Syracuse native and graduated from Onondaga Central High School.

During his time at Onondaga Central High School, Cuse.com reports that Hart set the national record for career rushing touchdowns (204) and finished second in career rushing yards (11,045). The Tigers were 46-1 and won three state championships with Hart in the backfield.