Why Roundhill Investments thinks video games should be your next bet

Scott Kitun

Will Hershey, CEO of Roundhill Investments

People who spent their teen years hunched over gaming consoles are having a moment right now — and not just because they’re primed to deal with social distancing regulations.

The esports industry is projected to hit $1.8 billion by 2022. Multiplayer video games have gone from just for fun to earning the kind of money usually reserved for sports like football, baseball and basketball.

“League of Legends is probably the number one esport in the world: it gets more viewers than the World Series, NHL Stanley Cup Finals or the NBA Finals,” explains Will Hershey, CEO of Roundhill Investments. “For last year’s finals, they averaged over 20 million viewers and peaked at over 100 million people watching. Only the Super Bowl is higher than that.”

Roundhill Investments helps new-to-the-party investors catch up to next-generation opportunities through exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Its first series focuses on esports, which Will says it divides into three main categories: game publishers and developers, media companies streaming the games and hardware.

Will joined the podcast to talk about what makes esports so exciting compared to traditional leagues, why you don’t have to be good to be the top player and why the future of gaming is in your hands (if you’re holding a smartphone).

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