Managing buildings takes a lot of energy: Energy CX helps companies conserve and save

Scott Kitun

Pictured L-R: Miles Rice (COO), Scott Kitun, and Nathan Rice (CRO) (Sam Fiske/Technori)

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People who manage buildings filled with humans and machines are hyperaware of how much energy we use. Conserving energy might be on their to-do list, but it’s often trumped by day-to-day demands.

Fortunately for property managers’ bottom lines (and guilty consciences), energy conservation in residential and commercial buildings is a full-time obsession at Energy CX. The company, founded in 2005 by Mark and Ellen Rice, is now in the hands of their sons, chief revenue officer (CRO) Nathan and chief operations officer (COO) Miles.

“Since 2018 we’ve evolved into a full energy management solution for property management companies,” Miles says. “We look at ways to make them more sustainable, intelligent and profitable through technology.”

Energy CX analyzes utility invoices, sustainability goals, pain points and the physical features of buildings, then provides a report of recommended solutions. It helps companies implement the plan and make sure it’s working.

“We take all their data and give them visibility into each property,” Nathan explains. For example, “say they have one hundred 50,000 square-feet. buildings, all office space. If building A is spending double that of building B, we’re able to notify them that something’s going wrong.”

Nathan and Miles joined the podcast to explain Energy CX’s strategies, the company’s value to property managers and continuing the family tradition of entrepreneurship.

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