In pursuit of ‘purer’ content: How Patreon empowers artists and creators worldwide

Scott Kitun

Sam Yam (left), CTO of Patreon

The internet has radically changed the music industry. Artists used to have to sign with a record label to get their music heard. Now, platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud enable artists to push content directly to their audience — no third party required.

But there are major downsides: advertising and algorithms. Since music sharing platforms are dependent on advertisers for revenue, content that doesn’t align with ads is often demonetized. And since visibility is controlled by an algorithm, creators have no control over whether or not an audience will actually see their content.

Sam Yam, co-founder and CTO of Patreon, set out to create a platform to bring power back to the creators. Patreon hosts exclusive communities where artists can push content to fans and in turn, fans can directly support their favorite creators.

Sam joined the podcast to share his vision for Patreon, the faults he sees with other platforms and advice on how to foster healthier and more genuine communities.

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