If there’s not an app for that, make it yourself or your company with Draftbit

Scott Kitun

Brian Luerssen, CEO, Drafbit (Sam Fiske, Technori)

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Apps generally come in two varieties: bespoke, beautiful and enormously expensive, or cheap, bug-infested and look like every other low-budget app in the App Store.

Draftbit gives individuals and businesses the power to make personalized, aesthetically pleasing apps without a big budget or a team of engineers. “You can have very personalized experiences: have an app for a specific event, for your family, your warehouse,” says co-founder and CEO Brian Luerssen. “Those are things that never made sense before. But with Draftbit, you can build highly specific tools.”

Draftbit started by thinking of the little guy, but Brian foresees a big audience. On the one hand, “we have a guy in Iowa who’s building a personal sleep-tracking app,” Brian says. But on the other, big enterprises often need niche apps for small groups of employees. “Walmart has something like 26 internal apps or more,” he points out.

That’s just the start. Brian believes that enabling more people to create apps will lead to uses we can’t even imagine right now. “In the future, you won’t worry about whether Facebook controls your data because you’ll create your own network for your friends and family,” he says.

Brian joined the podcast to talk about his lifelong app obsession, what makes Draftbit different from its competitors and the kind of apps he hopes to see people create on the platform.

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