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You guys were good last night—aced multiple questions on Monday Night Trivia

Whenever you do this, and you probably do this a lot, more than half a million people around the world are doing it at the exact second you do.  Do what?  Hit the spacebar on a computer keyboard. (It’s actually estimated to be 600,000 hits every 1/10th of a second.  It’s the most used key on the board. 18% of all hits go to the space bar.) 

Recorded history tells a sociological tale.  World wide it’s common to find periods of feasts and famines, weather disasters and calm seas, but only 8% of the earth’s recorded history reveals periods of this.  Of what?  Peace worldwide.  (92% of recorded history includes a war somewhere.)

These have been around forever but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the first electric one was sold. Electric what?  Wheelchair.  (1956. Invented by Herbert Everest & Harry Jennings, who also invented the first folding wheelchair in 1933.)

You didn’t do as well with Bumper Stumpers A to Z.  We tackled the letter “K”.  All the artists’ first names, or group names began with K.

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