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The Jam Alker Band joins Roe & Anna for another edition of ‘Live Music Friday’
Soon after he found heroin, Jam Alker put down his guitar and did not pick it up again for ten-plus years. What followed would be what he calls “the most toxic relationship I’ve ever been in” — a decade of extreme highs and lows that brought him, literally, to his knees, begging for a long-needed reawakening. For Jam, this problem manifested itself, not just in addiction, but egotism, materialism, and compulsiveness. He found his way back to his guitar and began to spin his experiences into stories told through music. These stories explore life’s dark, gritty underbelly and the despair that can compel bad decisions, without judgment or condemnation, but often with hope.

Jam has recently partnered with Recovery Unplugged – – Recovery Unplugged is blazing new trails in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Our world-class doctors, therapists and creative professionals leverage the power of music to help our patients heal. A proven and effective recovery resource, our music-based treatment approach has helped patients from all over the country access their confidence, their passion and their voice through the power of writing, producing and recording.

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