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Mary Fons, from the likes of PBS’ Love of Quilting and the Paper Girl Blog joined Rick Kogan in the studio to talk about her journey from Iowa to Chicago to become a poet, her mother, a legendary quilter & the difference between a professional quilter and a hobby quilter. She reminisced about the ‘electric’ poetry slams at The Green Mill & the blessing she received from The Marc Smith on her first night there. Then, she talked about why she moved away from performing & freelance writing, into quilting and television; “I needed a gig, man.” She also talked about the rich history of quilting and spoke to the therapeutic and exquisitely detail-oriented side of the ancient art. Then she talked about her “quilt-epiphany,” which came during a particularly tumultuous time in her late 20s. They also talked about the way people have woven political themes into their quilts throughout the ages, and Mary shared her thoughts on the future of quilting.