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Which slam ball exercises are best?

Slam ball exercises are a terrific way to work your whole body. Often weighted with sand to reduce bounce and rolling, these rubber-coated balls are lifted and thrown in a gym or other controlled setting to engage the muscles. The core, arms and legs are all activated during most individual slam ball exercises. Here are some of the best exercises you can do to get fast results.

Best slam ball exercises

You can do each of these exercises for 10 reps each, three times through.

Overhead slams

With both hands, hold the ball straight above your head. Use your shoulders and slam the ball to the ground as hard as you can. Squat down to pick up the ball, lift it above your head again and repeat.

Burpee slam

Begin with your arms extended over your head, holding the ball. Slam the ball to the ground in front of you, squat down and put your hands on the ball. Jump out into a plank position, then jump back to a squat. Lift the ball over your head again and jump straight up into the air for one rep. 

Bear crawl

Get on all fours, hands and knees parallel with the ball sitting between your hands. Lift both of your knees to hover above the ground. Keep your knees up, crawl forward, alternating your hands and feet. As you do this, bat the ball back and forth with your hands to keep it with you.

Lateral throws

Begin 3 to 5 feet from the wall. Stand perpendicular to the wall with your dominant hand closest to the wall and feet shoulder-length apart. Hold the ball with both hands and rotate away from the wall to wind up. Twisting your body, throw the ball as hard as you can against the wall. Repeat on the other side.

Squat throws

Face a wall with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly out, and hold the ball to your chin. Keep your abdominals in and bend your knees to squat to your appropriate level. Rise out of the squat and thrust the ball forward.

Overhead lunges

Holding the ball with both hands above your head and your feet together, step one foot forward into a lunge. Then step your feet back together and switch legs, being sure not to bend the knee over the toes.

Chest press

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the slam ball to your chest, thumbs-down and elbows out. Press the slamball forward, straightening your arms and repeat.


Grip your slam ball with both hands and hold it overhead with your feet slightly more than hip distance apart. Rotating at the waist, bring the ball swiftly down to your right side. Repeat this move and switch sides.

Russian twist

Sit down on a mat with your feet flat on the ground and hold the ball above your knees. Leave your feet grounded or lift them to balance in a boat position. Twisting your body, touch the ball to the ground next to you on each side several times.

Slam ball situps

Lie back with your knees up and feet flat on the mat. Hold the ball with both hands over your head. Using your abdominals, sit up and press the ball forward above your feet. Mindfully lower your back to the ground and repeat.  

Slam ball plank

Kneel with the ball in front of you. Place both hands on the ball and extend your legs out into a plank. Hold your abdominals and breathe while balancing for 60 seconds.

Slam ball isolated arm pushup

Get into the top of a pushup position with one arm on the ball and the other on the ground. Bend your elbows and lower your body, then press up. Repeat on both sides.

What you need to buy for slam ball exercises

Slam balls

A quality slam ball is easy to grip and doesn’t bounce when it hits the floor or a wall. This prevents injury when throwing it while exercising.

TRX Training Slam Ball

TRX Training Slam Ball 

These training balls are durable, slammable and easy to hang onto. They range in weight from 6 to 40 pounds.

Sold by Amazon

Yes4all Slam Balls

Yes4all Slam Balls

This brand includes weighted balls from 10-40 pounds and has a great grip. It is filled with sand to reduce bouncing or rolling during slam workouts.

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Workout mat

Providing your own mat at home, at the gym or in a class ensures that you have the right one for you. Workout mats have different thicknesses, textures and designs to suit many needs.

Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat

Gorilla Mats Premium Extra-Large Exercise Mat

These mats are durable, nonslip and eco-friendly. The mat is made from nontoxic materials and includes straps, a towel and a bag.

Sold by Amazon

Gym shorts

Shorts can make a workout more comfortable for men and women than full-length pants. Many gym shorts are sweat-wicking and breathable.

Under Armour Men's Tech Graphic Shorts

Under Armour Men’s Tech Graphic Shorts

These shorts are made to be soft and quick-drying. They have an elastic waistband, and a drawstring and usually fit true to size.

Sold by Amazon

Under Armour Women's Play Up Shorts

Under Armour Women’s Play Up Shorts

These include a drawstring and a stretch waistband and come in four color options. They are made with quick-dry, sweat-resistant, machine-washable material.

Sold by Amazon

Running shoes

Form and stability can shape your workout. For this reason, having proper shoes for the gym is essential. Running or walking shoes are ideal for the gym because they have the traction and flexibility needed for training.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

This pair of men’s running shoes come in several different styles. They have a rubber sole for grip and mesh for breathability.

Sold by Amazon

Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Women’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

These are supportive and comfortable running shoes for women in several styles. They are breathable, durable and flexible for foot movement.

Sold by Amazon

Water bottle

Carry a water bottle to the gym to stay hydrated throughout your workout. Most gyms also offer free water to refill your container if needed.

Iron Flask Metal Water Bottle

Iron Flask Metal Water Bottle

This iron flask is durable and portable enough for any sport. It is vacuum-insulated stainless steel, creating a leakproof metal liquid container.

Sold by Amazon

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