Quest for Gold – Episode 40: USA Karate’s Lingl sisters talk training during a pandemic, Olympic aspirations, ‘Cobra Kai’

Quest for Gold

Cirrus and Skylar Lingl (WGN Radio photo)

This week on Quest for Gold…

We’re one year away from the Winter Games in China…which seems a long ways away.

The IOC is moving forward with plans to safely hold the 2021 games in Japan, though the Japanese public doesn’t seem enthused.

An Olympic organizer is in hot water over comments made about women.

And in our athlete spotlight we catch back up with Cirrus and Skylar Lingl of USA Karate.  They’ve been fortunate to train with each other during the pandemic, but their 2021 schedule is still very much up in the air.

Listen to their previous interview on Quest for Gold.


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