Quest for Gold: Episode 17: Dr. Jim Andrews: “The people who are into doping stay one step ahead”

Quest for Gold

This photograph shows a BEREG-KIT for drug and doping control, at Berlinger AG facility in Ganterschwil, used for the collection of urine samples at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. (MICHELE LIMINA/AFP via Getty Images)

On this week’s Quest for Gold:

The USA Women’s Basketball team lost to a college team?  They’re shaking it off in South America.

USA Baseball teeters on an Olympic bid, but they need some help in Japan.

A Chicago Fire player is getting settled on the USMNT U-23 roster, as the team sets its sights on Tokyo.

And we talk about doping in sports, following news Northshore swimmer and gold medalist Conor Dwyer tested positive for a banned substance last month.  WGN’s David Miranda talks to Dr. Jim Andrews of The Andrews Institute in Florida.  He was in Chicago for a panel discussion on sports medicine.

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Quest for Gold
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