Wildlife expert Rebecca Fyffe explains why you’ve been seeing more bats in Chicago

Pinch Hitters

In this photo taken Aug. 31, 2011, some of the 20 million bats emerge from Bracken Cave in Bracken, Texas. A depleting insect population has forced millions of bats around drought-stricken Texas to emerge before nightfall for food runs, making them more susceptible to natural predators. Some experts have already noticed fewer bats emerging from caves and have seen evidence that more infant bats are showing up dead, hinting at a looming population decline. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Rebecca Fyffe, Urban Wildlife Expert & Research Director at Landmark Pest Management, joins The Roe Conn Show (John Landecker filling-in for Roe) to explain why you may have seen more bats in the Chicagoland area. Also, do we still need to worry about mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus?

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