WGN Nightside 8.16.18 | Elysabeth Alfano reveals the benefits of a plant based diet and explores the delicious vegan cuisine of Kitchen 17 and FancyPlants Catering

Pinch Hitters

(L-R) Dr. Carla Hightower, Elysabeth Alfano and Jonny “Juicer” Morelli

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Elysabeth Alfano finishes her two night stand on WGN Nightside with an in-depth dive on the meatless lifestyle and its implications on health.

In the first hour, Elysabeth welcomes Dr. Carla Hightower and Jonny “Juicer” Morelli to talk about their unique stories of reversing disease with a plant-based diet. After discovering that their preconceived notions of health and wellness weren’t working out, Hightower and Morelli made radical changes in their diet that keeps them feeling healthier than ever before. They share their insights on how to switch to a plant-based diet and what it takes to remove meat completely.

In the second hour, Chef Kevin Schuder of Fancy Plants Catering and Jennie Plasterer of Kitchen 17 deliver a smorgasbord of delectable vegan food to the studio and discuss the exciting future of both of their businesses, including collaborating on a number of new projects.

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