The Original Ghost Whisperer reads your hauntings with Rollye James

Pinch Hitters

Mary Ann Winkowski

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Rollye James is in for another Sunday evening with you! The Original Ghost Whisperer, Mary Ann Winkowski, starts the evening off giving spirit readings to a few lucky WGN Radio listeners. Learn more about Mary Ann at, follow her on Facebook and watch her on YouTube! Rollye goes on to talk about Chicago soul, Milwaukee radio’s Dr. Bop and much more!

Rollye James
Mondays-Thursdays 10pm-1am RollyeJames

Rollye James hosts overnights on WGN Radio, Mondays through Thursdays, 10pm to 1am/CT where she is openly candid about her decidedly off-kilter views and fascination with off-the-wall conspiracies. As a confirmed late-night person who “gets up at the crack of noon”, James’ quirky take on almost everything creates a natural bond with the after-dark listeners, no matter where they are. (Click for more.)
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