Pinch Hitters 07/14/19: Elton Jim Fills In For Dave Plier

Pinch Hitters

“Elton Jim” Turano & Roger Badesch

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“Elton Jim” Turano is back on the WGN airwaves filling in for Dave Plier. Jim talks to Mick Kayler to discuss all things pop culture. This includes topics such as seeing your favorite classic Rock and Roll stars before they retire. This includes Ringo Starr, The Who, Bob Seger, and more. Can you live in a world without “Stranger Things”? Elton Jim and Mick discuss the show and the comparisons and differences between “Stranger Things” and “Game Of Thrones”.

Believe it or not it was 50 years ago when man landed on the moon! Elton Jim chats with producer Curtis Koch, Roger Badesch and Dave Schwan about the event and why they should become common household names.

Finally to wrap up the show Dave Schwan hopes in and discusses ‘This Week In History’. Events in history include, Ice cream cone created by during St Louis World Fair, 1st broadcast of “Gang Busters” on NBC-radio, and the Democratic convention opens in Chicago in 1944.

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