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Michael Heidemann is in for Dave Plier with lots to talk about!

The show starts off talking about fears, setting goals and the career path of WGN Radio’s Roger Badesch. Then, Da TailGate Show podcast host Aaron Torechelli gives us a little insight into what should be a very exciting Bears’ season. Author Taylor Leddin shares her book The Time Capsule Journal and sticks around to debate the throwdown of Friends vs Seinfeld. Continuing the Friends conversation on the sitcom’s 25th anniversary, Michael shares his interview with Danny Wild from show’s theme song performers, The Rembrandts. Former WGN Radio media man Erik Niewiarowski phones in from over the pond for a 2 Dudes 1 Disc rundown of Pearl Jam‘s album “Ten.” The show closes out with Dave Schwan and This Day in History along with a Walter Jacobson Perspective!

Throughout the show we hear music from local Chicago music artists including: “My Friends” by Ryan Pollock, “Woolves” by Adjacent Cruise, “This is Country” by Ryan Chiaverini, “Punk Life” by Johnny Amato, “One More Summer” by The Early Sixes and “Go Away” by Eddy and the Arsons!