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Mark Carman

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Tonight on Extension 720:

Host Mark Carman is filling in for Justin Kaufmann. After today’s news of legendary sports broadcaster Chet Coppock passing away, Mark and friends honor Chet and his contribution to the industry.

ESPN journalist Lester Munson, sports personality Mike North, and Larry Wert, President of Broadcast Media for Tribune Media, call in to share their favorite memories of Chet.

After a very public rise and fall, NBA player Derrick Rose is not only traded to the New York Knicks, but now has a documentary all about him. “Pooh: The Derrick Rose Story” tells the story of Derrick Rose’s life, from his upbringing in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago all the way to his 2018-19 season with the Minnesota Timberwolves. You can be catch it on demand at 

Mark talks to former Chicago Bulls Guard BJ Armstrong about the documentary and what he thinks is coming up next for Derrick Rose.  Plus, Sam calls in to talk about D-Rose’s auto-biography, his comeback story and more.

NBA Coach Tom Thibodeau gives his input on D-Rose’s past injuries and the importance of taking his time before coming back to game.

Plus, Harry Teinowitz calls in to say one last goodbye and share his own memories of Chet Coppock.

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