Mark Carman and David Miranda Full Show: Oscar Talk, Odd Interview Questions and Vic Vaughn vs The Muppets

Pinch Hitters

A screenshot from a video about how the Oscar statuette is made. (youtube)

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Mark Carman and David Miranda (in for Nick Digilio) kick off the show talking about the Oscars including the mix-up at the end and the new viral star “Gary from Chicago.”  Then they welcome Arabel Rosales, co-founder of Latino Fashion Week and CEO of AAR & Associates.  She shares her picks for the best dressed at the Academy Awards and talks about the launch of the new Life Creative Network. 

Hour two began with more Oscar talk including to an explanation as to why ‘Moonlight’ was so good.  After that the guys delve into a new study that suggest people who are not good looking make more money. 

Hour Three continued with the workplace them and these odd and outlandish interview questions asked by prospective employers.  One about The Muppets leads to a discovery about newsman Vic Vaughn that upsets Mark Carman.  Finally, the guys wrap up by listing all of the items in this year’s Oscar Swag Bag. 

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