Late Night W/ Mark Carman: Mai Tai guy defends himself, David Hochberg answers home finance questions and Matt Nagy’s potty mouth

Pinch Hitters

Mark Carman (Glenn Kaupert)

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Tonight with Mark Carman:

Mark kicks off the show giving a recent Cubs not so favorite Mai Tai guy who caught a fly ball and some heat for it after he didn’t give the ball to a kid. Listen to what Mai Tai guy says happened.

Home ownership is a huge responsibility for anyone. That’s why David Hochberg of Team Hochberg joins the conversation in the studio with WGN Radio host Mark Carman as he answers callers’ home financing questions and more.

Plus, Chicago Bears Coach Matt Nagy sang the national anthem during the 7th inning stretch earlier today and accidentally got a word wrong. Can you guess what word? Mark replays the infamous performance.

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