Esmeralda Leon and Jon Hansen: Thom Britton’s Freak Show & Tell

Pinch Hitters
Thom Britton performs the Human Blockhead

Thom Britton visits WGN Radio’s Nick Digilio to talk about his show, “FreakShow and Tell,” and perform “The Human Blockhead,” a stunt involving hammering a nail into his head. WARNING: Do not attempt the stunt seen in this video. It is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury or death.

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Jon Hansen and Esmeralda Leon (in for Nick Digilio) welcome Thom Britton, creator of Freak Show & Tell, where he explains the science behind famous sideshow acts after performing them.

The show runs every Thursday through January at the Crowd Theater.  Visit for more information.

During the conversation, you’ll hear them reference the video series Esmeralda, Producer Dan and Thom filmed… to see the fire eating episode, click here and to see the bed of nails episode, click here.

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