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Alright folks, you know that thing you’re doing right now?  Well, drop it – you can always get back to it another time.  See that play button right underneath this wall of text?  Click it and strap in for nearly two hours of fun with the very talented Jane Monzures!  Jane is the host of Living Healthy Chicago on WGN-TV and she hosts this very special Holiday episode!

Jane kicks off the show with Dr. Clyde Yancy – a cardiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  Take our word for it, this one is good for your heart.  Next, Jane talks to John Siuntres of the Word Balloon podcast about the latest Star Wars epic.  No spoilers, of course.  The force is strong with John so tune in for a great review of the film.

Later, happiness coach Gina Marotta joins the fun by taking a look at what your intuition is really trying to tell you.  So sit back, put on a smile, and enjoy!

Jane wraps up the show by taking a look at some of the best Christmas movies that have graced the silver screen since – well, since there was a silver screen.  If you’re looking for a good flick to watch this Christmas, tune in to hear some great recommendations.  She’ll also talk about some of the most popular toys that have ever been gift-wrapped and placed underneath a Christmas tree.  Looking for some last-minute gift ideas for the kids?  Tune in!  All that and more on this special Holiday celebration with Jane Monzures!