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Pete McMurray

Pete McMurray

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Pete McMurray

– Graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL
– Number 6 out of 12 kids – Middle child syndrome
– 8 boys, 4 girls. Was in a fist fight every day for 15 years
– One Shower in the house growing up (12 kids – hello?)
– All siblings are best friends
– Voted Class Clown in High School
– Mother works at a Church
– His Sister is A Sister
– Played college basketball (ok, so he lied)
– One Beer away from COLLEGE
– Loves Sports. Loves the Game even more
– Can’t accept the fact he’s a mediocre basketball player
– Season Ticket Holder for Cubs and Bears
– Passionate about Radio and Television
– Doesn’t like negative energy, positively energetic
– Never has had a cavity
– Has an attention span of Zero!
– Needs a great deal of attention
– Go Big or Go Home
– Always carries a Sharpie (the Cadillac of marking pens)
– Has a big nose
– Would love to go to Vegas 24 times a year (ok, 32)
– Extremely positive
– Loves music
– Loves Steak Burritos at 4am
– Can’t breath out of his right nostril
– Loves to laugh

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