SpaceX Dragon lands – was it a successful mission? Former Astronaut Garrett Reisman says, “ABSOLUTELY!”

Pete McMurray

IN SPACE – MAY 17: In this handout image provided by NASA, NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman, STS-132 mission specialist, takes a busy “self portrait” into his helmet visor while participating in the first of three spacewalks scheduled for the Atlantis crew and their Expedition 23 hosts on May 17, 2010 in space. This is the final scheduled mission for Atlantis and it will dock with the International Space Station to deliver a payload of a new Russian compartment and fresh batteries. (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Former Astronaut & SpaceX senior advisor Garrett Reisman tells us WHY the Dragon mission was a success, what exactly do Dragon Astronaut’s Bob and Doug have to go through once they land, and who brought the toy Dragon on board?

Pete McMurray

Pete McMurray was number 6 out of 12 kids and  graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. (Click for more.)
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