Pitch Hitters: Pete McMurray in for Steve Cochran | Full Show 1/1/19

Pete McMurray
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To kick off the show Pete McMurray and Andy Masur talk about about resolutions and how to start off the year with a clean slate.

Pete, Andy, and Dave Schwan then mosey on over to the Top 6 @ 6.

Pete and Andy are then joined by former Marine, trainer and co-owner of Phenomenal Fitness, Sean Armistead. Listen as Sean inspires us to get out there and accomplish all of our fitness goals for 2019. Sean and Pete also talk about taking things in moderation…such as food and even fitness. To learn more about the gym or book your own semi-private personal training session with the man himself go to phenominalfitness.com.

Later we check in on the Chicago bears biggest fan….the one and only Don “Bearman” Wachter.

For our MVPP for today we had the woman who figured out a way for people to give back just by shopping…this woman’s name is Shawna Ohm. Listen as Shawna tells Pete how she came up with this concept, how it works and how YOU can get in on the fun. To learn more about what Shawna does and get more information on how you can donate by shopping, go to quelinda.org.

Next Pete and Andy are joined by career coach, spirit guide and motivational speaker Gina Marotta. Listen as Gina goes through the 3 tools that help you avoid self sabotage and how you can make YOUR career dreams come true in 2019. To download your own career vision guide go to ginamarotta.com.

Next up the boys got strapped into some IV bags and are joined by Dr. Jack Dybis – founder of IVmeChicago.com. Listen as Dr. Jack walks us through his process of setting up the boys with the IV itself, what it consist off and why this hydration therapy is one of the best ways to look better, feel better and perform better.

To close out the show we talk about everyones favorite thing….BACON! The 11th Annual Baconfest is right around the corner. Baconfest will be returning to Chicago on Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th 2019. Listen as founder and bacon lover Seth Zurer talks about some of the items that will be featured at the fest and how this magic all came about.

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Pete McMurray

Pete McMurray was number 6 out of 12 kids and  graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL. (Click for more.)
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