The Patti Vasquez Show 2.13.19 | Dr. Kathy Tynus, Author Ben Austen, iTunes psychic Dr. Lars Dingman and attorney John Culver

Patti Vasquez

John Culver, Dr. Kathy Tynus, Patto Vasquez and Ben Austen

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Tonight on the Patti Vasquez Show:

Author Ben Austen takes on the complicated legacy and long lasting impact of the Cabrini-Green homes in his book “High Risers: Cabrini Green and the Fate of American Public Housing”. Cabrini-Green holds an interesting place in culture, even inspiring pointed political satire on “Saturday Night Live” and the horror film “Candyman”, and Ben explores our collective memory of the homes and how it effects our perception of public housing.

Dr. Kathy Tynus looks at the crisis facing Americans who need insulin as prices start skyrocketing, as well as the real medical condition known as “broken heart syndrome.

World-famous iTunes psychic Dr. Dingman arrives in-studio to give more psychic readings ahead of his big show at The Comedy Shrine on Valentine’s day. You can get your tickets now and see Patti, Dr. Dingman and more.




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