The Patti Vasquez Show 2.12.19 | Sen. Dan Kotowski, Iron Chef Judge Mario Rizzotti, Matt Fagerholm on Oscars, comedian Ali Clayton

Patti Vasquez

Dan Kotowski, Patti Vasquez, Matt Fagerholm and Ali Clayton

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Tonight on the Patti Vasquez Show:

Former sneator Dan Kotowski rides sidecar with Patti and talks about becoming a member of the gubernatorial transition’s Healthy Children and Families Committee and supporting kids with disabilities.

Iron Chef Judge Mario Rizzotti talks about everyone’s favorite cooking ingredient, olive oil! Mario breaks down the best type of olive oil to cook with and reveals the shocking difference between olive oils that are “imported from” versus “product of” Italy, Greece or Spain.

Matt Fagerholm gets Patti ready for the Oscars with his predictions for winners and losers. Plus, they discuss the controversy surrounding the Academy’s decision to hand out some major awards during commercial breaks.

Finally, comedian Ali Clayton drops by to talk about transitioning to New York City and the trials and tribulations of being a working comedian in the Big Apple.

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