Patti Vasquez’s Fifth Annual Second Thanksgiving!

Patti Vasquez

Pictured L-R: Tom Holland, Aidan Selzer, Warren Price, Ronnie Selzer, Patti Vasques, Rev. Gregory Livingston, and Adam Selzer

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Last night Patti got to feel like Judy Garland by having friends and family coming in and out of our studio doors all night.

Patti kicked off this Thanksgiving show by talking with Dr. John Duffy about how to survive the holidays this upcoming season. As the conversation with Dr. John Duffy was going on both Reverend Gregory Livingston and Musician Tom Holland came on and joined in on the fun as well. A little later on on the show Tom Holland played us a little blues while we munched on some leftovers. As the show went on we were joined live in studio with historian Adam Selzer, his wife Ronnie, Son, Aidan and WGN’s Paul Farahvar.

As the night went on we were joined via phone with Elliott Serrano to discuss all of the blockbusters this holiday season! Patti, Elliott and Aidan took control of the conversation and talked about all of the must-see movies that have come out or are coming out.

Andrea and Michael will be back come Monday! Be sure to tune in from 7pm to 11pm central to hear all the fun times and shenanigans!

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