Mark Carman fills in for Patti Vasquez 06.11.19 | Kevin Durant gets injured, Chicago gets Mark, and women athletes get cheated

Patti Vasquez

Mark Carman

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Tonight on the Patti Vasquez Show:

Host Mark Carman fills in for Patti kicking the show off with sports talk. During Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs, Golden State Warriors shooting guard Kevin Durant experienced an Achilles injury, making the game overwhelmingly emotional for most. Though Durant’s injury is hard hit for his team, according to  Mark Carman the worst part of his injury was the crowd of cheering Raptors fans. Listeners share their most shameful sports behaviors.

Chicago is known to for its dedicated officials, but can that dedication go too far? It’s been over 15 years since Mark got a parking ticket in his old college car, but apparently not even time can get him out of paying the city what he owes. 15 years later, the city of Chicago send mark a final notice to pay his $122 ticket OR ELSE! Listeners share their stories of unpaid tickets and Chicago’s determination to make them pay up.

Plus, US Cup Soccer player Mia Hamm joins the conversation with Mark over the phone as they discuss the unfair pay differences of women athletes vs. men athletes despite having a larger fan base and more.

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