Getting Zen with Jen Z, Chicago Mayoral Candidate Lori Lightfoot, and Magna-Tiles® | Full Show (Nov 26th)

Patti Vasquez

Patti Vasquez, Andrea Darlas & Jen Zanotti

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Tonight on The Patti Vasquez Show with Andrea Darlas! We reflect on the holiday weekend and funeral services of CPD Officer Samuel Jimenez; as well as the lives of  emergency room doctor Tamara O’Neal and pharmacy resident Dayna Less, who lost their lives prior to Thanksgiving during the Mercy Hospital. Next, it’s ‘Motivational Monday’ with Jen Zanotti – listen in to hear how to keep the momentum to stay consistent with your workout and eating plans throughout the holiday season and winter months. Democratic Chicago Mayoral Candidate Lori Lightfoot joins the show to share insight about her political campaign as she just submitted over 30,000 petition signatures. Lori expresses how her past experiences on a personal and professional level will play a crucial role in her work if she wins the election; her desire to make CPD the best police department in the country; and much more. Michael Valenta, Vice President of Marketing & Product Development for Valtech LLC, and the creator of Magna-Tiles®, stops by to share why his products are the must-have toys for every Holiday wish list. Comedian Paul Farahvar joins Patti and Andrea for an enticing conversation about “dibs” when parking in Chicago. Lastly, loyal listener Jasmine calls-in to share an unspeakable experience she recently had on the train. All this and more!

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