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Patti Vasquez welcomes Dr. John Duffy into the studio! With David Jennings in the newsroom and CaSera (Cash) in the Producer Booth, a conversation evolves about teenage psychology, the effects that the internet has on younger generations’ ideologies, and binge drinking on college campuses and during the holidays. Larry Bloom and Ricky March join the show to discuss their upcoming comedy show, ‘Laughs for Mike’, to honor the late comedian Michael Yancovich. Larry and Ricky share the story of Michael and details of the event; some of the challenges they face as comedians; and more. “Laughs for Mike” is presented by the Buffalo Grove Park District and Funnier By The Lake Comedy; tickets can be purchased at! WGN’s Own Dometi Pongo joins the show to talk about his current endeavors with MTV in New York and what’s in store for him in 2019. Paul Farahvar then stops by as a conversation forms about New Year’s Resolution and how serious they’re taken in today’s generation.

Dometi Pongo
WGN’s Own Dometi Pongo

All this and more!

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