Danny Did Foundation, Employer Healthcare, “I Am Who I Am”, Rums of Puerto Rico and Best Ways to Remember Names | Full Show (Oct 10th)

Patti Vasquez

Before their live shot on WGN-TV: Patti Vasquez and Andrea Darlas. (Sara Tieman/WGN Radio)

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We welcome Steve Kelley of ELAP Services Inc. who launched an innovative awareness campaign for business owners across the US.  Then, from the Danny Did Foundation, Tom Stanton discuss the support that this foundation brings to those inflicted with seizures. (Danny Did Foundation’s primary mission is to prevent deaths caused by seizures).  Advocate Holly Simon (“I am who I am”) also jumps on air to discuss autism and to help those in need.  And from the Rums of Puerto Rico we have Ramon Diaz and Alexandra Salgado Colon bring the party to the studio and discuss their innovative pop-up tour which is celebrating culture, music and rum throughout the United States.  And finally, Patti and Andrea discusses the best way to recall someone’s name.

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