Aurora Senator Linda Holmes addresses Tragic Shooting at Henry Pratt Company “First responders ran in there to save lives”

Patti Vasquez

Aurora Senator Linda Homles

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Tonight on Patti Vasquez – Aurora Senator Linda Homes addresses Tragic Shooting at Henry Pratt Company that occurred earlier this afternoon.   A gunman opened fire in Aurora  southwest of Chicago.”First responders that ran in there and gave their lives to protecting all of us,” said Sen. Holmes praising the heroic acts by law enforcement

At least five victims have been confirmed, and six officers were injured but all in stable condition.  Five officers were shot, and one is receiving treatment for a knee injury.  ” For the victims, all they did this morning was got up and went to work like all of us do every day,” said Sen. Holmes.

Aurora police said the gunman that was killed has been identified as 45-year-old Gary Martin.


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