Roe Conn Full Show (11/18/18): Coverage of the Mercy Hospital shooting, Roe Conn was on John Oliver, and AB Stoddard on the new White House rules with the media.

Today on the show, Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes along with news anchor Judy Pielach cover the breaking news story of the Mercy Hospital shooting. Roe and Anna talk to WGN Law Enforcement Analyst John O’Malley. You’ll also hear updates from WGN Radio News’s Dometi Pongo as he reports live on the scene. Did you know […]

Breaking News: Mercy Hospital Continued Coverage

We bring you continued coverage of the Mercy Hospital shooting which happened in the city of Chicago. We provide insight and news coverage from: Ryan Burrow (WGN Radio News) Dometi Pongo (WGN Radio News) Dr. John Duffy (WGN Plus Host) John O’Malley (Former Police Officer) Love the show or want to reach out to Patti […]

WGN Nightside w/ Amy Guth & Dometi Pongo | 11/19/2018 Full Show

On tonight’s edition of WGN Nightside, Amy Guth and Dometi Pongo talk about the unfortunate shooting at Mercy Hospital as Dometi Pongo was out on the field reporting live coverage as the scene unfolded. Then, Amy and Dometi speak with Chrishon Lampley, wine enthusiast & founder of Love Cork Screw, about her work as a negociant and […]

WGN Radio Reporter Dometi Pongo’s “Bridge Over Lead Water”: “Government officials still haven’t responded…seriously” to our own lead problem

WGN Radio Reporter Dometi Pongo joins John Williams to talk about the Flint, Michigan water crisis, which started in 2015, and its connections to Chicago. And, he describes the evolution of aid to the Flint water crisis and why the residual of it persists. [audio]

The Opening Bell 10/24/18: More Than Half of US Children Could Become Obese by 2035

The concern surrounding our health as US citizens has reached a new high, but the focus has been primarily on older adults, so what about our kids? Steve Grzanich discussed a new study detailing the state by state youth obesity rates with Jamie Brussel (Sr. Program Officer at The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), and what […]

Trying to Avoid Another Flint Water Crisis Here in Chicago

Flint, Michigan saw a major crisis back in 2014 after studies found that lethal levels of lead were in water pipes through out the town. Steve Grzanich and Dometi Pongo (Reporter and Anchor at WGN Radio) discussed his new news series that covers the follow up of the lead water crisis that made many cities […]

Election Day 2018 on WGN Radio

Tuesday, November 6, is Election Day 2018, the day when Your Vote Matters. After you cast your vote, stay with WGN Radio on 720 AM and our digital platforms for full coverage of the results. Coverage starts during the day as our team including Vic Vaughan, Steve Grzanich, Steve Bertrand, Judy Pielach and Kim Gordon […]

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